Published/Accepted Papers

When Will Workers Follow an Algorithm?: A Field Experiment with a Retail Business

Last update:  November 1, 2019, working paper, forthcoming in Management Science

Effectiveness of Product Recommendation under Time and Crowd Pressures

(joint with Kosuke Uetake and Yasutora Watanabe)

Marketing Science, 38 (2), March-April 2019, link to the paper, working paper.

Testing Rationality without Restricting Heterogeneity

Journal of Econometrics, 197 (1), pp. 153-171, March 2017, link to the paper.

Working Papers

Designing Context-Based Marketing: Product Recommendations under Time Pressure

(joint with Kosuke Uetake and Yasutora Watanabe)

Last update: December 16, 2019, working paper, Revision & Resubmit requested by Management Science.​

Crowding-out Effects of Public Libraries and the Public Lending Right

(joint with Kyogo Kanazawa)

Last update: May 2, 2019, working paper,Revision & Resubmit requested by Journal of Law and Economics.

Working in Progress

Dynamic Oligopoly with Financing Friction: The U.S. Airline Industry after the Deregulation (joint with Kohei Hayashida), Efficiency of Expert-mediated Job Matching (joint with Ryo Kambayashi),  Ex-post Anticompetitive Effects of Patent Overlaps: The Case of 3D Printers (joint with Makoto Kadowaki), Oligopoly Non-linear Pricing and Bundling: A Structural Analysis (joint with Takanori Ida, Toshifumi Kuroda, and Susumu Sato).