Published/Accepted Papers

Small Business under the COVID-19 Crisis: Expected Short- and Medium-Run Effects of Anti-Contagion and Economic Policies

(joint with Naomi Kodama and Mari Tanaka)

Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 61, September 2021, link to the paper,  working paper, replication code & data.

Designing Context-Based Marketing: Product Recommendations under Time Pressure

(joint with Kosuke Uetake and Yasutora Watanabe)

Management Science, 67(9), September 2021, link to the paper.​

When Will Workers Follow an Algorithm?: A Field Experiment with a Retail Business

Management Science, 67(3), March 2021, link to the paperworking paper

Effectiveness of Product Recommendation under Time and Crowd Pressures

(joint with Kosuke Uetake and Yasutora Watanabe)

Marketing Science, 38 (2), March-April 2019, link to the paper, working paper.

Testing Rationality without Restricting Heterogeneity

Journal of Econometrics, 197 (1), pp. 153-171, March 2017, link to the paper.

Working Papers

Security-Cost Efficiency of Competing Proof-of-Work Cryptocurrencies

(joint with Shunya Noda)

Last update: Dec 27, 2021, working paper.

Using Managers' Expectations for Ex-ante Policy Evaluation: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis

(joint with Naomi Kodama, Hiroshi Kumanomido, and Mari Tanaka)

Last update: Dec 4, 2021, working paper.

Merger Analysis in the App Economy: An Empirical Model of Ad-Sponsored Media

(joint with Toshifumi Kuroda and Susumu Sato)

Last update: Nov 1, 2021, working paper.

Displacement Effects of Public Libraries

(joint with Kyogo Kanazawa)

Last update: May 25, 2021, working paper.

Estimating High-Dimensional Discrete Choice Model of Differentiated Products with Random Coefficients

(joint with Masayuki Sawada)

Last update: April 21, 2020, working paper.

Does TB Vaccination Reduce COVID-19 Infection?: No Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Analysis

(joint with Masao Fukui and Hiroaki Matsuura)

Last update: April 9, 2020 working paper, replication data & code.

Working in Progress

Measuring Inefficiency of Patent Overlaps: The Case of 3D Printers

(joint with Makoto Kadowaki).

A Structural Analysis of Resale Price Maintenance in the Japanese Publishing Industry

(joint with Jeff Qiu and Yi Zhang).

Platform Competition of Temporary Help Agencies

(joint with Daiji Kawaguchi, Katsuhiro Komatsu, and Makoto Watanabe).

Oligopoly Non-linear Pricing and Bundling: A Structural Analysis

(joint with Takanori Ida, Toshifumi Kuroda, and Susumu Sato).